Can you "Record" a scene... as an animation group?

Hello forum,

so let’s imagine we have a scene with animations firing on and off all over.

I want to develop the functionality of “saving” portions of that as it’s own animationgroup to be exported within a gltf later.

How would you go about that in babylonjs ?

check the 60 lines

you says to mean is specific animationGroups save? in same scene
Or are you saving animation Groups data and then importing only anamtionGroupsData from other scenes?

Hi! thanks for your reply.

let’s suppose there are 3 other humanoid models playing an animation at the same time.

I want to capture the “full scene” as an animation, not just one.

does that make sense ?

You’ll need to implement your own logic.
Example - Yuka | Savegames
Source - yuka-babylonjs-examples/examples/js/misc/savegame at main · eldinor/yuka-babylonjs-examples · GitHub

Hey @labris , Merci!

the team and I looked into implementing this with additive animations a while ago.

We keep a record of the animation definitions (start, end, loop…) and then “compile” to one animation group, using the additive flag.

works well in the engine, but the goal is to export it out to be used in Blender.

There, there is a weird bug, no one solved yet.
(Model disapears on additive animation group (GLB export))

As stated in that post, I would love to put time to help fix it