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Although I am moving slowly on this project, I wanted to show what is in progress. My old projects were very much about creating a game editor. But now I am creating an editable game using mods to create different types of games by adding/activating mods.

It’s a CMS. Building a game becomes easier because it’s already done. Just modify it to build your game, rather than building it from scratch or using an editor.

Other developers can create additional modules to develop their game or simply edit the existing one.

Here are some pictures of the menu, profile… I don’t have much more to show at the moment, but I’ll show more later.


Player Profile

Game options/settings menu


That’s a very cool idea! Not having to build something from scratch is great for my terrible game design skills :rofl:


Nice! A CMS-like game builder really sounds like a bold project. I hope you will be able to make it through.
Now, admit you’ve just been quickly changing the background image before posting to match the space theme of the v5 launch :wink: :rocket: :space_invader:… while I’m still wondering how I can possibly make anything in such a short time :thinking: :crazy_face:

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Basically, it’s been 2 years that I use this image in the background. However I am not making a spatial type game. The planet represents the big world in which we land.
Basically, the login : we are in space, then when we are connected we see the planet, then when we go to play, we land on the earth of this planet. (that means that for future evolution of the game, I imagine being able to choose the planet we want to land)

I grant you that it is an ambitious project. A long job. But I will get there thanks to all my past experience.

So you’re just lucky. May be a good time to play the lottery :wink:

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Oh no because the money don’t want me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some progress of CMS BabylonCrafter. There is still a lot of work to do.






Pause menu


Amazing progress @Dad72 !!!

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Some CMS progress. The ground progresses slowly. There I made the heigtmap of the terrain and the paint editor with the mixMaterial material. That works well.


so you can brush the texture. Can you also brush the heightmap?

No, the heightmap, I did it with Sketchbook and a bit of photoshop.
Here I only paint the miixTextures with RGBA values

Did you just say ‘only’? That’s already really really cool. I luv it. :smiley:

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Here is a playground I made for those who would be interested.

[Updated V3] https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1OQFOC#91


Can’t wait for this to come out. I have been contemplating converting an older project to Babylon but its going to need modules like that terrain painter :slight_smile: very cool

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Yes, the terrain painter is awesome.
Do you believe it would be possible to also brush the heightmap, or not?
Similar to what you can do, i.e. with the cry engine.
I am not sure if you can also do it in unity or unreal?
In any case, I believe (if by any means possible), that would be just an amazing adding, would’nt it?

Yes it is possible to create a terrain by painting a heightmap in real time. I had thought about it but there was some problem with this choice. I had done it with classes to raise mountains, dig, make ramps, holes, but I removed all that.

Why ?
I’m using 3ds max to create the scene with the terrain. If I update the scene and modify the terrain with Babylon, all the modifications made with 3ds max to re-export would cause the modifications made via Babylon to be lost.

Otherwise I would have had to be able to create the whole scene via Babylon, which amounted to creating a complete scene editor.

My choice was to create a game that could be edited, customizable with some tools and modules. I didn’t want to redo an editor who created a game.

But if there is anyone who likes this idea of ​​creating a terrain by painting a heigtmap, I found that is done with Babylon



Small progression of the land that I started to paint. I also added GUI info player (pseudo, health, damage, credits).
I also started the avatar generator (still in progress)
I also made some various optimizations in the code, many fixes, improvements in the editor part that I can’t show in picture. But everything is on the right track.

UnderWater view

Avatar generator


That terrain starts to look real good now. :yum: Can’t wait to see your next steps in the progress.

Sorry @mawa for not responding sooner.
I had a hard drive crash at home and lost a lot of data that I hadn’t saved elsewhere. At the cost, I am disappointed not to be able to continue this project which would require me to start all over from scratch. I don’t have the heart for that.

It cost me a lot of morale for a few months, but a few weeks ago I started a new project from an MMORPG editor .

I will talk about it soon on a new topic. But this project fell through.
Fortunately I haven’t lost all my previous projects which were saved on an external hard drive.

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Sad to hear you lost all your hard work. Glad you have picked yourself up and started an exciting new project.

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