Cannon.js - How to handle smaller meshes colliding within bigger meshes

From the picture above I am trying to have my character be able to walk through the home in front of him.

The orange cylinder you see is the characters overwritten collision mesh. The bigger bounding box around the players mesh is not actually colliding. The home is setup with a PhysicsImpostor as a Box. However this means the insides of the homes mesh will not be accessible. I tried using the PhysicsImpostor as a Mesh however now I can simply just walk right through it, as if the collisions don’t even work anymore. I know I rememeber reading about a Mesh PhysicsImpostor can’t collide with anything but a sphere impostor but even when using a sphere impostor for the players collision did not work. The home can be completely walked through, however the tree to the right performs fine.

Are you using Ammo.js ? This is the best for MeshImpostor related physics

Im using Cannon.js, I have tried MeshImpostor however it doesn’t seem to work.

yes try with Ammo.js and MeshImpostor

I read that Cannon.js has the most features in terms of Javascript Physics Engines, are we saying by switching over to Ammo.js I will only gain more features and won’t lose any other features that I may be using?

Granted, all the threads and articles I read are severely outdated. I also used Cannon.js because it was purely written in Javascript while Ammo.js is ported over. Is there any up to date physics engine comparison for Javascript?

pinging @trevordev (our physics expert)

I think that Ammo is the more complete

@Abstract All engines work slightly differently internally, I’ve had the most luck with Ammo recently with complex meshes. meshImpostor with a mass of 0 for the house should work, feel free to send me a playground and I can try to debug.

Another option would be to construct the building out of primitives like boxes and place them where the house is, make them invisible and make them physics impostors instead of the house. This should also provide better perf compared to complex mesh impostors.