Cannon Physics bug in latest 4.2. alpha

Hi Folks,
see this PG here: Babylon.js Playground
The box behaves strangely e.g. it doesn’t fall over. Switch from latest to 4.1 and it behaves as expected.
Ammo sems to work fine with latest 4.2. This seems to be a bug or am I missing something?

Adding @RaananW to have a look :slight_smile:

@RaananW did you had the chance looking into this?

Sorry, didn’t take a look at that just yet. I saw the issue, but haven’t search for the cause. Will keep you updated very soon

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No hurry! Just wanted to know if you are on it. Thanks for the Quick reply :slight_smile:

Just wanted to update - this is the github issue - Cannon.js treats initial rotation incorrectly · Issue #8457 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub , I will take care of it very soon :slight_smile:


Thanks @RaananW fixed and working with latest alpha.

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