CannonJSPlugin in Laravel mix Not working

import {CannonJSPlugin,} from “@babylonjs/core”;
import{cannon} from ‘cannon’;
//scene.enablePhysics(new Vector3(0, -1, 0), new CannonJSPlugin (true,10,cannon));
or scene.enablePhysics(new Vector3(0, -1, 0), new CannonJSPlugin (true));

install cannon in npm - i
nothing seems to work??
Chrome bug:
cannonJSPlugin.js Uncaught ReferenceError: CANNON is not defined
at new CannonJSPlugin


Got it to work. Had to use 'import * as cannon from “cannon”:

import {CannonJSPlugin,} from “@babylonjs/core”;

import * as cannon from “cannon”; // npm install --save-dev cannon

scene.enablePhysics(new Vector3(0,-1,0), new CannonJSPlugin(true,10,cannon));