Cannot read texture_storage_2d in WebGPU ShaderMaterial

Is it not allowed to set the “storageTexture : texture_storage_2d” to “read_write” in the WebGPU ShaderMaterial. When I change it to “read_write”, the console shows the warnning message: “The layout’s binding access (StorageTextureAccess::WriteOnly) isn’t compatible with the shader’s binding access (StorageTextureAccess::ReadWrite)”.

I want to use “textureLoad” to get color data from “storageTexture : texture_storage_2d”, is it not allowed?

Or I can only use “storageBuffer” instead of "storageTexture " for data reading?

WebGPU ShaderMaterial example

cc @Evgeni_Popov

Yes, read_write is not supported yet, because it is a late addition in the spec and did not exist when we first implemented the support for storage textures. It’s on our todo list, and will see to implement it within a few weeks.