Cannot see "details" in obj model

I know that I making some kind of hypern00b mistake, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what it is! I also know that I’ve done it before, but can’t find it in my previous posts.

When I put this model into transparent and/or point cloud, I see tons of details; otherwise, I can’t get the details to show up. Any pointers?

By details, I mean curves. So e.g., I threw a light on it from the side, still nothing.

Hi saitogroup,

I think the problem is with your model’s normals; this is a very bizarre mesh. If you look at the mesh in the Inspector under the “Debug” category and enable “Display Normals,” the entire mesh renders as a solid color, indicating every single vertex in this mesh thinks it has the same normal. To validate whether this was the issue, I used createNormals() to generate new normals from the vertex positions. Does the following look more like what you were expecting to see?

fff | Babylon.js Playground (

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that looks exactly what it’s supposed to look like!

well, I made the mesh using this, SculptGL - A WebGL sculpting app, which is kind of a wild program

so… what are normals? is that in the documentation somewhere?

Glad it looks as you expect!

Normals are a core concept of 3D rendering. Babylon does have some documentation on them, but a more comprehensive treatment is really beyond the scope of engine docs and belongs in a larger overview of shading. As a side note, that mesh also has a lot of triangles and is consequently pretty heavy, so I’d definitely say your characterization of SculptGL as “kind of a wild program” sounds pretty accurate. :slightly_smiling_face: Cool, though!

OK, imma read about that! In the meantime… check it out:

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