Cannot Upload .GLB to Wordpress Media Location

After spending literal days trying to discover how to upload a .glb to my wordpress site I discovered this beautiful tool that I thought would save me from the troubles.

I have installed and initiated the plugin on my site. The page I am looking to display at is:

However, I still cannot upload a glb to the media location on my website no matter what I try. I tried uploading directly through cpanel and then linking to it with babylon; which did not work either

My File at CPanel:

Are there any suggestions here?

Seems to work for me. The model displays fine.

Possibly the reason you weren’t able to upload the file to your Wordpress site via the WP admin interface is the file size is very large at 168Mb. PHP has default upload limits much lower than that.

Also, with most content management systems like Wordpress, you need to explicitly allow certain file extensions for upload. Normally they just support common image formats and PDFs to ensure security. So you may need to explicitly allow .glb file uploads.

You are entirely correct, it is now working (through CPanel only and not the media uploader). Now I am faced with making this faster, as you may have noticed we are experiencing 72s load time for mobile and 274s load time for desktop.

I assume .glb and Babylon are some of the fastest options out there and that this load time is due to the 170MB packed into this file?

Any compression recommendations?

Also to answer the previous question, I did allow .glb to be uploaded and increased all php limits. It is granting me a server error when trying to upload, despite speaking with GoDaddy Specialists and them relaying that it has nothing to do with them

I loaded your model into Blender. It’s a very detailed/dense mesh with over 500,000 vertices. The geometric detail and textures could be reduced quite a lot without affecting the visual look and that would dramatically decrease download time.

I’d recommend making a lower poly mesh using retopology techniques and then baking all the high poly detail and materials using something like Substance Painter.

What exactly was the error?

PHP also has default timeout limits so if something is taking too long, it’ll fail.

I will relay this to my model developer, as I am simply the web developer :wink: Thank you!!

Unexpected response from the server. The file may have been uploaded successfully. Check in the Media Library or reload the page.

From what I can see, it seems to be a common Wordpress complaint. I’m not a WP developer (Drupal is more my thing) but there’s some decent suggestions in this thread MP3 wont upload to wordpress |

Appreciate it! Yea man trust me I am pretty thorough at Wordpress. It honestly seems to not be liking the file size at all when using the media uploader. As mentioned, the CPanel reference is working great for Babylon and was not for the other plugins; so beautiful news there. As for getting the .glb into the Media Library of Wordpress… absolutely no luck at all. However, in regards to speed… I don’t believe this matters?

I wonder if you have an estimate file size we can potentially get this boot down to?

It depends what you’re happy with. You’ll need to experiment. But for me personally for that particular object, you could easily reduce the file size by a factor of 10, say down to 5-10Mb, without people noticing any substantive difference.

Let’s see what we can do :slight_smile: Thank you!

Reducing geometry at the source is definitely a good thing to do. If that still doesn’t do enough, you can also apply Draco compression which should reduce the transmission size further.