Can't Import UnityToolkit Package?

Dear Babylon Ninjas,

Despite numerous attempts (on various machines), have been unable to import the “Babylon Toolkit” package into Unity, as I always get the following error:
“Failed to import package with error: Couldn’t decompress package”

-am using latest package:
Babylon Toolkit: V5.0.0-A10.2

-w/ Unity version:

Any idea how one might circumvent this pesky blocker?


Summoning @MackeyK24

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Must be something wrong with the download. Try downloading again.

A .unitypackage is just a zip file with a bunch a folders with long number names.
Try change the extension to zip and try to extract just to see if the zip files is in tact

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Issue resolved! (thanks to suggestion from MackeyK24)


  • user error.
  • right-clicking package for “save as” from redist repo page was saving a (html) doc with extension “.unityPackage”. OS (win10) saw this as an actual Unity package, with matching icon. of course, subsequent attempts to import into IDE failed. : )


  • post suggestion, confirmed TINY file size immediately.
  • did quick local clone of repo to grab actual files.

humble bows to thread participants.

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