Casting shadow only works on items far enough away from the light source

I have an issue with casting shadows from multiple objects, I’m very new to Babylon and webGL in general so please forgive me if this is a well-known issue. For the same reason, I’m also unsure how to properly describe the issue but it’s very obvious in the playground I created:

In my use case, the items will not be animated but it helps to visualize the issue.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Added sphere to visualize the light position -
I see no problems here - when meshes are lit they have shadows, if they are unlit - no shadows :slight_smile: The Directional light is emitted from light source in the specified direction, as in your case.
Maybe you would change directional light to Pointlight?

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So I was just pointing the light only in one direction… such a silly mistake!
Thank you very much!

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