Change babylonjs version on playground mobile?

Hi. Is it not possible to change babylonjs version on playground on mobile, or I’m missing the button? Thanks
ps: I have some issues with an inputText GUI, it doesn’t open the keyboard on ios on click, and I wanted to check if it is from my babylonjs version

You are right it does not seem possible, @PatrickRyan is it by design ???

Nope it is by design. I did not want the pg code on mobile to be overly complicated.

I understand your need @MarianG but unfortunately I do not plan to add it for now as we are already facing enough issues with Safari on iOS :wink:

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Great, thanks. Good to know! :wink:
One more question related to this
On desktop I’m using this function to update some data from scene, after the user insert a number and press enter


Any ideas for mobile? Thanks

unfortunately we do not have control over that :frowning: