Change direction for gizmos

hello ,

i’m working with babylon and i need some helps like usualy : i have this picture in my scene

  1. i need to change direction for the gizmos at Z axe ==> direction to user .
  2. decrease the speed of scene rotation with the mouse.
  3. disappear the grid of scene from pictures

thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Hello! Do you mind creating a repro in the playground so we can help tweak the code?

Pinging @Cedric

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i can’t have a great playground exemple because i’m working with type script (angular project ) : i tried to add exemple of my ground and grid :

@Cedric , @Wingnut sorry for the disturb , but any help for this points ?

I got the playground running… but that’s all. It looks nothing like the picture. hmm.

Fixed line 31 to get PG working. Also fixed filename in line 20.

Still seeing : Error downloading MTL file: ‘weiyi2.mtl’

Is the “Sign in with Google” plane/texture… in this scene? I don’t see it/them… not even in inspector.

Viche… we need a new playground… with gridMaterial ground, and plane (with gizmos?), and dynamicTexture that says “Sign in with Google”, and nothing else… not one other thing in the PG.

No imports or mesh loads, no decal samplers, no urlsImages/pngs, ONLY EXACTLY what is in the picture. :slight_smile: Gotta do it. The playground you built/sent… is so full of crap… that nobody can find the issue you speak-of. :confused:

Here is a good starter.

Starting with that clean playground above… now show the problem from the picture. Add the sign/plane. See instructions inside new clean playground. I think… after you add plane, texture, actionManager… to clean PG, problems will somehow disappear.

I bet so. :slight_smile: My wise friends here…taught me this good info. Clean and simplify the playground, and the problems often… fixes itself.

If not, paste URL to your new clean version… to this thread… and then we go to work… testing/adjusting, if needed.

Party on… we’ll talk soon, after you get your sign/plane added and clickable, and textured with dynamic texture… with “Sign in with Google” written on it. Simple. (hug)

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Hi @Viche

  1. We don’t have axis switch based on Camera AFAIK. Is it possible for you to place the camera in a way that the axis corresponds to your needs? Another way is to add a parent transform so the the gizmo axis is oriented as you want
  2. Here is a PG that supports sensibility : Basically, you have to provide an input function that transform mouse inputs into camera angle. Look for sensibility line 217. And some documentation here : Customize Camera Inputs - Babylon.js Documentation
  3. I think you just have to remove the ground plane with the grid material
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thanks a lot @Cedric and @Wingnut ,

@Wingnut about the picture it’s uploaded from a private server ( i’m using a front as angular + babylon) back (python ) that’s why i can’t have a great playground :confused:

@Cedric : sorry but i don’t understand you about the first point ( change direction for the gizmos at Z axe ) , you see in the picture the Z axes is not showing to the user that why i want to change the direction.
2) i don’t konw why the minimise of the sensibility doesn’t work for me ( ps : i’m using ArcRotate Camera ) .
3) can i have another solution because i want the grid be always present in my scene but not showing into my pictures ( like unity if u know it ) .
thnaks a lot again :slight_smile:

Yeah, I understand all this. We only do BabylonJS work here, not Angular or Python.

Can you reproduce the issue seen in the pictures… without using the private server, without using an uploaded picture, without using angular, without using python?

This is so I/we can determine IF there is a problem with BabylonJS (which is talked-about on THIS forum), or with something else (something NOT talked-about on this forum). thx!

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i understand you @Wingnut , i’m just want to do the 2 first points :

change the sensibility when using arcrotate camera and change direction for the gizmos at Z axe.

thanks :slight_smile: and i hope that you’re understand me .

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Hi. I was working on “why grid seen thru plane”… your issue #3… only. But I cannot see plane or its texture in scene, so it is difficult to help with #3.

I thought you would make PG with plane and “Sign in with Google” dynamicTexture and gridMaterial ground, so we could test.

Perhaps your picture is a “similar issue” of what is happening to a different mesh/texture in your project. I guess I don’t know how to help with #3, at this time.

In real project, there is no plane or dynTexture with “Sign in with Google” written on it, correct? :slight_smile: Picture is an example picture of similar problem?

I think I understand, now… maybe. Sorry… I was confused. It happens to me OFTEN. :smiley:


really thanks @Wingnut , i think that you are understand me , for now i search just how to modify the sensibility when using arcrotate camera and change direction for the gizmos ( direction of Z axe is not to user that’s i why i wan’t to modify the direction of Z axe) .
thanks again :slight_smile:

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