Change hardware scaling level in Babylon sandbox


Is it possible to change Hardware scaling level in the
Due to the custom scale factor of the display the rendering looks very blurry.

I’m pretty sure there is. Search for “crisp text” in the GUI documents, and there is a playground example of how to get crisp text and it does it via hardware scaling I’m pretty sure.

Thank you for your advise, but I don’t need a ‘crisp text’. I need to set .hardwareScalingLevel to the particular value manually.

There is a readonly property in the sandbox. I just want it editable.

One of the possible ways is to run the Sandbox at localhost or at your own server and set a desired hardwareScalingLevel through the code (or even add a button or slider for this operation). This way this property will be editable as you need.
Docs how to build here - Start Contributing to Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation
Here is the example of Sandbox with TweakPane (made for some special demo purpose) - Babylon.js Sandbox - View glTF, glb, obj and babylon files

Thank you for your answer.
I just wanted to find the editable property in the
If you need to change the font size in the MS Windows, do you really want to build custom OS Windows?
BTW: Your example gives the following message: “This site can’t be reached”.

There is no such property :frowning:

This comparison is not correct :slight_smile:

It works fine for me and some other people…

Thank you.

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@val this could be added to the inspector do you want to contribute it ?

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Thank you @sebavan for your proposal.
Actually, I have no ready to commit code to contribute it to the inspector project right now. Blurry rendering in the browser probably does not affect many users, so it’s not top priority at least for me. Currently I’m coding glTF extra (or extension), which allows to dynamically update scene with with glTF diff/patch. But, it still has a lot of imperfections. If sometime I found it’s ready to be shared with others I will try to contribute it.
Moreover, I don’t think that contributing code to the inspector project I’m not familiar with is a very good idea at all. If I have a free hour or two I’m trying to contribute code to my own side project (which is free too) just to make it as solid as possible, so other people can use it without much questions.

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