Change skin tone of avatar


I have been working on some avatar customization where we can change the skin tone of the avatar dynamically using GUI buttons and we can change the outfit of the avatar.

If any body have any reference documents of projects, please share those hope that will help us.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe this question should better be in “Content Creation” category?

Also, it seems a bit vague to me, I don’t quite understand what you need(?)

If you need to let the user change some color, you can use the color picker from the 2D GUI.


I mean let say we have a car we want dynamically change the car color only body not the wheels.
in our case we have character loaded we need to change the skin tone of the character dynamically using the babylon color picker.

So, you would only have to change the albedoColor of the material of the mesh with the new picked color?

If it’s something else, then I think a repro will be needed to fully understand what you want to achieve.