Change the skin tone of the material with the help of a slider

hello guys, Please help me out, I have a mesh of a female model. I want to change the skin tone of a model with the help of a slider, like when I change the slider the the texture color on her body will change from fair skin tone to wheat skin tone and on further sliding it will change to dark tone. please help me out . how can I do it?

hi @harish_panwar
please make playground with your model the we can prepare that


Hey @harish_panwar, I just wanted to jump in here and let you know that we have a tool that we use to show snippets of code called the Playground ( If you are able to provide a Playground version of your code (or part of it), we can better understand what you have and provide more accurate guidance.

Other than that, depending on if you’re using a texture for your model, you might be able to modify the albedo color for the material for a desired effect (eg. mesh.material.albedoColor). Depending on how you’ve set up your model and its materials, this may not work as it could affect anything using that specific material. As for the slider, check out this part The Babylon GUI | Babylon.js Documentation ( in our documentation. Hopefully, this gets you closer to your goal.


Hello @harish_panwar just checking in if you still have questions :slight_smile: