Change T shape avatar position


We have avatar(.fbx) file in T shape we would like to change it to standing position as shown below. Assuming all t shape coordinates will be in same coordinates pls suggest how can we convert to standing position.


You’ll probably want to author a bone animation on a modeling tool and import into Babylon. See: Bones and Skeletons | Babylon.js Documentation (

Take IDLE animation from, then put it into your avatar in Blender. There is a lot of info how to do it, just ask Google :slight_smile:

Thanks carol for the inputs…

I tried with yur example its not working for me.
u can check at line no 32-35

could u pls through some light…


Your asset doesn’t have an animation so beginAnimation has nothing to do :slight_smile:

As labris has suggested, there’s a lot of resources around on how to add a mixamo animation to a model in blender :slight_smile:

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Thanks carol…
Using mixamo we can add animation to the t-shape avatar. i know thats possible
We are looking for automated way of adding animation using babylonjs

In my case all location coordinates/pose will remain same once avatar is created so was just looking for automated solution


This is going to be significantly more challenging. If your model and the animation source don’t have the exact same number of bones with the same structure on the exact same locations, the animation won’t look the same.

got it…

In my case the t-shape avatar will have same bones and structure. can u pls help me with stand still emotion i shared earlier.

This could solve my long standing problem. so can u pls help us in this regard

Well then you’ll have to copy the animations from the Mixamo bones to your avatar’s bones :smiley:

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Thanks carol for throwing some light…

can u show with some example pls

Still am trying the best i can to add animation to T-Pose, if i am successful will update u