Change the plugin used in AssetManager 's addContainerTask

Fellow Scholars,

I have reached the potato wall once again this week. Can I triple-check with the high council that there is no clever way to set the plugin to use for addContainerTask in AssetManager? I have files with no extension (glb) because I’m potato smart like that, and I think Babylon is defaulting to using the .babylon format rather than the gltf/glb plugin.

I think you can override when you do a mesh load in the scene loader, but not for addContainerTask; if there isn’t a smart way of getting at this, I can attempt to PR it in.

Tarnished Potato

Dear Tarnished Potato,
you are right: AssetsManager | Babylon.js Documentation (

But I feel like I could find sometimes to add that for you

It is not free unfortunately. Nothing is.

You will have to create an issue on our repo for me so I will not forget about it

I’ve been in the high council for so long that I start forgetting about things pretty quickly.

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That is but a small price to pay to cross the river; here it is.

I know the feeling of forgetting all too well lately.


The price was paid…The action was taken

Add extension support to assetsManager by deltakosh · Pull Request #13097 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (


The PR was built in the time I read the thread :eyes:

Amazing! That’s a lot of s3 file renaming saved.

Thank you so much @Deltakosh and @sebavan

I’ll continue my adventures!

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