Changing Light Falloff Physics Scale

Light falloff is applied on a meter scale, but my project is currently scaled 1:10. I’m working on generative architecture so I’d rather not rescale all my elements. Can I change the scale by which light falloff is calculated?

I’d rather not increase intensity as that creates a super bright area for elements near the light source, while not lighting further away elements that much. I’m currently working with a spotlight attached to the camera, so I’d rather not blind the user when they look at a wall.

You can by chosing a none physical light falloff and updating the range ?

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Thank you, this is what I was looking for :slight_smile:

For future coders, here are the parameters for this.

light.range = 100;
light.falloffType = 3;

Apologies for the obvious question, I’m new to Babylon.

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No obvious questions in the forum, and this one is definitely not :slight_smile: