Changing text within a GUI texture

Hi there, have been experimenting but trying to figure the most effective way of doing this - I have a GUI attached to a plane in my scene (using Advanced Dynamic Texture) and nested within various containers are some text boxes.

What is the best way to change the text displayed on the Text Blocks within this GUI, ie through another button press or external event? would it involve disposing of and then reapplying the whole texture/material on each change?

(sorry no playground, my computer is playing up atm but can provide one if necessary)

Many thanks :slight_smile: :black_nib:

I’m confused by your question, but maybe this is all you are looking for?

someCallback = ()=>{
   textElement.text = "a string"

thanks, yes that was simple, basically my code was creating these text elements in nested helper functions so i didn’t have reference to the element after creation, so I needed to refactor to get that. Much appreciated :slight_smile: