Chromatic Aberration Effect

Any idea how to do like a glitch effect animation for a mesh?

I was thinking about something like the chromatic aberration effect using the pipelines but targeted to a specific mesh rather than the whole scene.

You can not really target a specific mesh only as chromatic aberration are a full screen effect unfortunately.

Sounds like a nice challenge for @Pryme8 and @nasimiasl


Is there another way to achieve a similar effect with a shader or some other alternative method?

Ezpz, just do a second rtt that only sees the mesh you wanna do the glitch effect to and make sure you grab its depth data as well. Then you will need to script up the shader that does it, or it might be better to just do it on the the composite post so that way you can discard a lot of information and simplify the process.

Then on a postProccess composite your main RTT of your none glitch elements with your RTT of your glitch elements.

I’ve actually done this before quite a few times XD.


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