Clipped text while creating tree view using grid

Hi Everyone!

I am building a tree view using GUI and I want some cells to overflow. Like:
| | | |

  • root
    • level1

etc. But I can’t seem to get cells to not clip:

I found a similar issue but the playground with the solutions does not seem to work:

Thanks for the help and I hope y’all are having a beautiful spring or fall day, wherever you are!


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While looking at the docs for GUI I noticed something odd.

There is a demo for turning off clipping. The preview behaves as expected but if you open the playground the control is still clipped:

cc @carolhmj our own GUI Hero :slight_smile:

I’ll investigate this asap!

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Sorry about that, the clipping docs aren’t up to date, there’s the clipContent property that also needs to be set to true: Babylon.js Playground (

EDIT: Also updated the docs: Update clipping docs by carolhmj · Pull Request #791 · BabylonJS/Documentation (

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That fixes the issue for a TextBox in a Rectangle but does not appear to do anything for a TextBox in a Grid. :thinking:

Sorry for not following on this earlier. The Grid is a bit of a special case since each one of its cells is a standalone Container and we weren’t passing the property down to them, I fixed it now: Pass clipContent/clipChildren down to Grid’s internal containers by carolhmj · Pull Request #13715 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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