Clipping issue on chrome for Mac

I have a working animation of a walking robot and seems to be working fine on firefox and chrome for PC and chrome for Android but it seems that the body of the robot is clipping on chrome for mac.

You can check it here: Simulation robot

Can anybody tell me what could be the solution to this issue?

Thank you all

Edit: you can see that the body doesnt appear sometimes:

Pinging @sebavan

Sorry for the delay I ll have a look tomorrow. My mac is in a pretty bad shape today.

Hello, could you try to add this to all your meshes: mesh.computeBonesUsingShaders = true and see if it also then reproduce the issue in Chrome ?

Else could you try relying on the 4.0 beta version and see if the bug has been fixed as there were improvments related to bounding box computations ?

Finally if those fail, a repro in the playground would be amazing.