Mesh clipped with rest pose out of camera

I have a character at the top of the scene, with upper part body out of scene in rest pose.
But when I play animation like sleeping, the head was clipped.
It seems the clipping is calculated by rest position? Is it a bug? any workaround?

I simulate the problem with this:

Thank you

This is not a bug, because bounding boxes are computed on the cpu, while skinning animations are computed on the gpu.
When the skinned mesh is animated, the bounding box is not actually updated.

Thank you, but how can I solve this problem?

I don’t have any good ideas, so let’s see if anyone else knows anything.
However, if you’re just trying to solve the cropping problem, you can manually give a bounding box.
Calculating the animated bounding box in real time may not be acceptable performance-wise.

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what @qq2315137135 said.
It’s nearly impossible to compute correctly a bounding volume. So, over estimating it is a good trade off.

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