Collision detection on loaded 3D models

Hello. I spent a week for trying to create collisions with room builder and cannot understand next:

  1. Why the item is draggable by Y axis if dragPlaneAxis is (0,1,0) in pointerDragBehaviour. (This case only happens with room, with ground it’s working properly)
  2. And why items has wrong collision detection with room and each other?

This is my playground:

It has the same config as i’m using in my project. Hope someone can help :frowning:

Add this so plane for pointer drag is not updated:

pointerDragBehavior.updateDragPlane = false;
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Thank u for your answer. Doesn’t help - Test collision on model

Item still going up.

that’s because of the ellipsoid size of the mesh.

I don’t think ellipsoid collisions will work for you.
when moving the mesh, it will detect collision using ellipsoid and not a box.
You should try using ammo or cannon.

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Okay. I will check out this. But i still don’t understand why model is movable by Y axis. What to do in this case?

when using ellipsoid collision, the mesh being moved slides against the other ellipsoid. You can see that by changing the size of the ellipsoid. the higher the ellipsoid, the higher it slides up.

Hi @danya_rnd ! Just checking in, do you still have any issues? :smiley: