CollisionMask for ArcRotateCamera (or workaround)?

I am looking for a way to manage collision check of my ArcRotateCamera using bit masking, like is possible for meshes etc (as in mesh1.collisionGroup & mesh2.collisionMask).

However, ArcRotateCamera has no collisionMask.

Right now all I can do is Camera.checkCollisions= true/false;

Any suggestions?

I tried with a dummy mesh attached to the camera but to make this mesh the ‘master’ of the camera controls requires a full rewrite of the wonderful arcrotatecamera controls.

This topic might be of interest to you (although I’m not sure it will cover all your needs).
If you have questions on this method ask @labris. It seems he knows his bit around it.

Thank you for this suggestion but did not work for me.

I have a proper 3rd person controller (avatar and arcrotatecam) that does all I need, except for this case where the avatar should collide with mesh A and mesh B, but camera should only collide with mesh A and not with mesh B.

Still hoping for a easy trick from somebody.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately we don’t have the property there, but if you have a need for it you could post on Feature Request section? :slight_smile: