Combine Shader with StandardMaterial

I have written my own little test Shader with the help of the community here ( Now I would like to combine this shader with the StandardMaterial.
I did look into MultiMaterial, but I don’t think that this is what I want.

How would I go about combining my own shader with the StandardMaterial?

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Hi. Maybe you can try customMaterial.
Here is one example:
So it’ll contain all the data from a standard material plus the shader you added.Cheers!

Hi, thx for your answer.

I want to pass a variable from the Vertex Shader to the Fragment Shader. Do you know how to achieve this with customMaterial. I was expecting something like: mat.addVarying but couldn’t find such a function.

Furthermore, is it possible to surround this code with a #ifdef DISCARD to enable and disable the shader on demand?

I’m afraid this is not possible. Your best hope is to use the NodeMaterial here