Combine FBX model with FBX animations

Hi everyone, I have an FBX file containing a model and several FBX files containing animations only. How can I combine them into one file so that I will be able to see them from the BabylonJS Sandbox?

The original files are in FBX format, but don’t care about it, in the sense that the end result will be to have a .glft, .glb or .babylon file to use from within the engine, therefore I dont need the end file to be a .fbx file.

Can you help me to understand how to combine them?

I tried to upload an example, but since I am a new user, I can’t do it… Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

You may have a look at this article

I spent the whole day on google and youtube and I was able to save one animation onto my main character but I wasn’t able to add a second one…

I have created a zip on WeTransfer with the files I have and want to merge… can someone please tell me the instructions to do what I want to do so that I will be able to do it with other models?

Here is the link:

Thanks in davance!

I asked the same question over at blender artists and I got the answer:

it’s in this youtube video from minute 6:00 onward.

Just in case someone else needs to know how to do it.


i recorded a vid showing how to combine multiple FBXs from Mixamo this with latest version of mixamo/blender/babylon:

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