Combining SSAO2 and SSR wont render Mesh on Safari

Hello there,

when I combine SSAO2 and SSR my meshes wont render. This only happens on Safari not on Chrome or Firefox. I used a macbook pro 15 from 2015.

Here a PG which reproduces this bug:

Here a screenshot from Safari:

Thank you for your help!

cc @sebavan

This sounds to be a webkit issue then if the other browsers are working correctly unfortunately :frowning: Is your mac using webgl2 or webgl1 and can you test with Angle on Metal from the safari setup “WebGL via Metal” check or uncheck in the develop menu experimental features?

Adding also @CraigFeldspar if he has an idea ?

Might be the same underlying issue as SSAO2 Blackscreen - #4 by Simon_Weck

Sorry for replying so late. The issue still exsists. I made a workarround disabling SSR on Safari.

I dont have a mac right now thats why I cant check if its using webgl2 or webgl1. I will get back to you when I have a mac.