SSAO2 broken on OSX Chrome

Running this sandcastle on Chrome on Mac OSX results to fully red rendering only:

… but when ran on Safari on the same computer, it works fine!

Comparison of both browsers (left is Chrome):

I tracked the bug and the first nightly where it occurs on my Mac Book is this:

It definitely looks like an ios bug to me as it works fine on windows as well :frowning:

Could you create a ticket on the chromium tracker ?

it looks like using draw buffers + multisample could cause it. It is appearing all black for me.

@CraigFeldspar would be amazing if you could have a look ?

Additional info: It does not seem to render any SSAO2 effect on Safari on Mac OSX either. Only thing better compared to Chrome is that it knows to skip the whole ssao instead of drawing just black or red.

Lets do a Torus Knot to actually see the AO effect :slight_smile:

Safari Technology Preview: => OK
Safari: does not support, no webgl2, so => OK
Chrome: red rendering bug => NOT OK

Actually could you try this one as mine is all black ?

It definitely looks broken only in case of draw buffers + MSAA so it would be easier to create the bug report for the Chromium team ?

Probably handled by now (Hey, I’ve been on vacation!) but on Mac it looks like it’s more than Chrome:

In 5.0.0…
Safari* => Red on white
Firefox => Black screen
Chrome => Black screen

In 4.2…
Safari* => Works
Firefox => Works
Chrome => Works

*With WebGL2 activated under Develop: Experimental Features

Ohhhhhhhhhh @CraigFeldspar Could you have a look ?

@CraigFeldspar did you have the chance to put your hands on an Apple device ?

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This repros for me as well on Edge for Mac