SSAO2 Blackscreen

Hey there,

I think I found a bug regarding the ssao2 pipeline with chrome and fireforx on a macOS computer. It works fine on safari.
Sadly I cant provide a playground right now. I try to deliver one in the next days.

I created a 3D object inside a photodome. When I use ssao2 everything else expect for the 3D object turns black. The clear color of the scene is blue. When you zoom into the object the black suddenly disappears. I tested some stuff and whenever an object collides with the camera the photodome appears again. Not sure what is going on here but when I disable ssao2 everything is fine. I tested many ssao parameter combinations but it wont change anything.

Here is a video:

It looks like the problem from this pg:

Sadly the solution was a workaround which didnt work for me.

Thank you for your help!

First your experience looks amazing !!! that said, a repro would be amazing so we could have a look into it.

@CraigFeldspar any idea what it could be ???

I agree with @sebavan it looks amazing !
I think this is a big z-fight of the mesh with itself (ssao rays can intersect the surface they are departing from if z precision is low - like in far objects)

I would try adding your skybox material to the prepass blacklist so its geo information is not used by the ssao :


Thanks for your help!
Unfortunate this doesnt seem to fix my problem.

I will investigate further and provide a pg next week.

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Hey @sebavan @CraigFeldspar,

I made this PG which reproduces the Bug:

We tested it on a macbook pro 15 from 2015. Its working on Safari but Firefox and Chrome show the bug.

Here a video from the pg bug:

Hey @Simon_Weck just checking in, are you still having issues?

Hey @carolhmj, the issue still exsists. I made a workarround disabling SSAO on chrome and firefox on a macOS computer. This issue is probably linked to this Combining SSAO2 and SSR wont render Mesh on Safari. I also fixed this with a similar workarround.