Community group project?

Hi there babylon community!

Just a quick intro of myself… My name is Leandro. I am from the beautiful country of Argentina. I been doing 3D art for videogames for 10 years and now getting into web dev (currently learning js)… My portfolio here > .
As many game devs dream about… I would like to make my own game idea but all of us knows how much work that involves.
So this post is about to propose the idea of making a game project or any other kind, between babylon community members to show off (learn and meet people in the meantime) the power of Babylon.
The version 5 trailer is incredible and i can’t wait to put my hands in it to practice my coding. But i think there are tons of features that can be implemented in another kind of project, like characters and why not in the meantime we could give feedback to developers to improve babylon.
I am a fan of racing and scifi games… So maybe a version 2 of the space shooter demo game released would be a good starting point. Maybe we as community can give back to this project and make some more bigger or complex demos.
That being said… I am open to collaborate in projects that use this gorgeous engine.

So… What the community think about this?


Your bikes look really great. Congrats.
As for a collab with the community, you should may be try to propose something a bit more ‘directed’ or ‘elaborated’ because this is a very open request and I don’t think people will engage not knowing of the fundamentals. Sure the forum is great, the people are amazing and some have just incredible skills AND we’re all willing to contribute the best we can. But, on the other hand, most of us are also otherwise busy. I mean, probably most of us have the dream or the idea to create a great game or experience but I believe we also know what it means in terms of effort and resources.


I’m pretty sure you should find people who would love to work with such a talented artist!!!


Hey Mawa! Thanks for your comment :blush::+1:
You are right about proposing something more direct. That said… I have 2 ideas in mind. A) To improve the space shooter demo game of the 5.0 version release. It will be more easy to start since there is already a very good starting point. B) a small level of a FPS shooter or could be 3rd person even, whatever likes most.

Well, it looks like with your portfolio, you already gathered the support from the most important person at BJS :wink:
Can’t ask for anything better for a start, can you? :smiley:

Thanks for the compliment Deltakosh.
I am always open to collaborate with people who shares the same interest than me.
I used some game engines like Cryengine, Unity, unreal, etc. Great engines btw… But babylon grapped my attention not just because it is web based which is awesome. Also because it is open source and for me that means that the team working behind the scenes it’s very passionate about what they do. And i would love to support and give back something to them. Not because i feel i owe something… Is just the way i am.
Cheers for more people of this kind in the world!

And you are so right by saying this. WE feel the same. I feel the same. And I know @Deltakosh also does. We are simply blessed to be here and we are also responsible for keeping with the BJS culture in the future. All I can say is: ‘Welcome aboard’ :rocket:

Definitely. Suddenly my heart beats faster lol
Thank you so much for such a great welcome

I have to admit we are looking for more great demos / games to help spread the word about our community ;D

You can count with me anytime. Free of charge or credits :wink:

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Just why do you bargain your skills? Ask for the money :money_mouth_face: :grinning:

Neee…This is not the case. Skills are not just for making money :grinning:

good onya :wink: I hope you noticed it was a joke. Meanwhile, have a great WE :sunglasses: :parasol_on_ground:

lol of course Mawa… no worries. Have a great weekend you too! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Hi 5!