Community page or demo page?

is this page for community projects or for demos? Babylon.js Demos

because the link says community, but the title says demos. I don’t think the community projects can stand out amidst a lot of small demos, so I don’t think it works for both at the same time (I’m not biased at all by the way :laughing:)

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As far as I can see, this is a demo page. It hosts both demos from the team and the community.
Personally, I don’t have an issue with this. In fact, I find it rather cool that everyone is treated as part of the family (or extended family) :smiley:. Don’t you?

Depends on the goal. It’s such a stark contrast between projects that (in my case) have been worked on for years and demos that have 100 lines of code. It seems to me those belong in the docs, or just a different tab on the same page. But like I said, I’m biased in this case!

I don’t think you are biased. It’s fair enough in my opinion. Fact is the page is only just accumulating demos. We are all improving as the framework also is and the history goes… May be it would be time to somewhat reorganize this. But how do that without hurting anyone’s feelings. Simply removing a demo that has been featured doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of BJS. It’s a question of philosophy as much as it is a matter of communication.

Edit: Would you mind moving this topic to the ‘off topic’ category. The subject is certainly worth discussing but is not really part of the ‘demos and project’ category in my opinion. If you want more ‘order’ I believe doing this would also go your way :smiley: Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

@PirateJC for com. What are your thoughts on this?

@mise thanks for raising your thoughts on this.

The point of this page is simply to celebrate the things being made with Babylon.js. The scope and scale of those projects should NOT be the focus. It’s simply a celebration of what people are making. I 100% agree with @mawa that we desire this page to showcase the smallest hobby project, all the way up to the biggest retail store web pages and everything in between. Absolutely everyone is welcome to submit their Babylon.js creations to be included on this page.

The only exception to this is with any content that would be considered inappropriate or massively offensive. Babylon.js is a family after all. :slight_smile: Kids and students should feel safe and welcome here as well.

Hope that all makes sense!


That all does make sense!

Maybe I misunderstood then, because it didn’t seem like the community submitted these last 20 code examples.
It just says “by Babylon.js” and I recognize them from the docs, that’s why I used the term demo.

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Ah yes! This is a fairly recent change that spawned from a few community requests after we updated the website for 5.0. Every time we refresh the website we replace some older demos with some of the new ones. Several community members asked for a single place where all of the demos can exist, so we just added the ones made by the core dev team to this page. So basically it’s just a one-stop-shop for all kinds of Babylon.js demos.

Hope that context helps a bit.

I wish I had explained myself better from the start :smiley:
But now that we understand each other, I would like to offer my suggestion once more.

If you care about community creations like you mentioned, I think it makes sense to create 2 tabs on that page, one for Community and one for Demos.

Some people will be looking for examples/highlights, but others want to see/know if Babylon is used in production, in serious projects.

It’s my mission to show gaming on the web has a lot more potential, with the help of PWA and Electron. I hope this is at least part of your mission as well. I feel like, as a game engine for the web, Babylon doesn’t lack in capabilities, but has room for growth in terms of validation.


Also true, in my opinion.

You know, overall I agree and I’m also trying to help here (the best and the little I can :wink:) with this aspect of #com that, incidentally, is also part of my job and experience. Apparently, so are you (and I’m sure this is much appreciated by the team and also people like me :smiley:

But then, you also understand that the entire thing is not an easy task and needs to be thought and built on solid grounds. Adding a tab has never been an issue or a big effort. Maintaining a philosophy (or ideology) and keeping things and com consistent and sustainable over time is a different challenge.

I think the com team and the entire BJS team are doing a smashing job in this aspect and over time. They managed to build trust while at all times keeping with the pillars and tenets. Many have lost their way in the excitement of growth and under increasing pressure. As for me, rest assured I will do the little I can to exerce my tiny influence so that this will never happen here.

@PirateJC In short and in resume, I still believe this is worth a thought/study and/or discussion (either internally or involving the community) but shouldn’t be rushed.

Meanwhile, I wish you have an amazing day :sunglasses:

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@mise this is definitely an excellent idea.

I’ll add @PatrickRyan to this for visibility as he’s looking at the next version of the website and can take this viewpoint in as input into that redesign.

This is very true, and actually the real inspiration behind this page:

I actually think that there are 3 distinct goals with these. We need:

  1. A place for ongoing official demos.
  2. A place where people can see the full extent of where Babylon.js is being used in serious projects.
  3. A place where everyone can post their creations.

Definitely something we’ll keep in mind with the next website redesign.


All right, thanks!

Ah cool, I didn’t know that page. Let’s work towards a similar validation with regards to gaming :slight_smile: