Revamped community page / project hub

After seeing this thread and this thread with @mawa , I think the community page here is outdated. It would be nice if we had a community/project hub, where we could find and share projects (not intended for demos, we could leave those on the current page). We could use our forum accounts and have tags (e.g. space, game, PBR, etc.). Maybe also a like/reaction system?

If not, could we revamp the community page and make it so people with at least jedi trust level could publish up to a certain number of projects without @PirateJC having to add it.


I’m gonna put a like on the overall idea because (as already stated before) I think it would be good to rethink and rework this a little for the future.
However, I’m not too sure about…

As a specialist for com, I’m not a big fan of letting the Community (even if it includes me, of course :grinning: publish content ‘under the radar’. May be the team could think of a new way for an ‘approval’ for this type of ‘community content’. May be it just requires some back-end implementation to make sure things are rewiewed and listed before going live?…

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We could require approval by at least 2 people with tl3/jedi master?

YES! Excellent ideas here! We definitely have big desires to redo the website. @PatrickRyan is on point for that. He’s already thinking up different options for a redesign. Though I know it’s not the highest priority thing he’s working on.

I think both @mawa and @Vortex are both spot on here. I think it would be FANTASTIC if we could create a mechanism for people to add content themselves. That accomplishes 2 main things. First… it allows ANYONE in the community to submit content with out it having to wait for me (or anyone else) to actually do the work to post it on the site. Secondly, doing so will hopefully allow us to have a steady stream of more relevant and current content naturally flowing throughout the weeks and months. So this ongoing, never-ending ‘feed’ for lack of a better word would always have the latest content submitted by anyone in the community.

@PatrickRyan - This feels like it would be perfect for a submission/form/tool of some sort. Some type of input tool where people could upload a thumbnail image, link, title, and creator name, and then we auto-rebuild the site with the new content? Let’s chat about this.

However…as we dive into this idea, @mawa is absolutely right. We unfortunately cannot just accept content submissions blindly. It is of the UTMOST importance that the Babylon.js community remain welcoming, friendly, loving, caring, compassionate, and inclusive of every single person who comes to join the rest of us here. That means that we need mechanisms to ensure that our content represents this value.

Or in more simple terms. We HAVE to have some human-based mechanism to filter content and ensure that we only “approve” content that is welcoming to all.

Great thoughts here! I love this thread! Keep your ideas coming!

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I mentioned it earlier - for that human-based filtering, we could require approval from multiple people with tl2/tl3 (jedi or jedi master).

Here is an idea of what I was thinking. Just some basic HTML/CSS, the actual page would have a nav bar and different colors.

Edit: In the fiddle, try using results right in the settings and resizing the result section (the design is responsive!)

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Awesome. You really want this to happen, do you?
May be @PatrickRyan will be able to build on your rush. Personally, I like this simple ‘cards’ based design. It’s appealing to the eye and ez to generate from the input provided in the ‘potential’ submit form.

I think we just need to allow some time now for the team to digest this and start working on it. As @PirateJC there are more priorities in the list of ‘must have’ priorities. From here on, let us just be patient if you don’t mind - I can :angel: :wink:.


Yes, I guess the team got your idea. I’m sure they will account your proposal in the thinking. But, in the end, this is governance stuff, yes? Personally, I don’t want to interfere too much at this level. :innocent: I have the feeling I already pushed the bounderies far enough on this; I don’t wanna cross the line :wink:

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I don’t mean to rush this, I have been working on Babylon related stuff instead of my personal projects more as of late.