Connecting 2 arcs to be tangent to each other

Hi guys,

Have one question regarding arc tangents. I am working on a 2D profile, and I want 2 arcs to be tangent to each other. Actually I want to calculate x position that is making arcs tangent.

Here is the example:

2D shape should be parametric and tangents should be recalculated automatically.

I was using “orientationPointM” as variable that should calculate tangent. Also tried with hermite and catmull room curves. The problem is that curves dont behave as I expect: See example with different parameters(this example should draw a circle because width and height parameters are same):

Thanks in advance!


I’m not quite sure what you are asking, but maybe you are using ‘tangent’ in two different ways. A (regular) curve has a tangent at every point that gives a direction the curve is going in. But it seems like you also use it to mean the point at which two curves meet without crossing. The two meanings are related, but not the same.
At another point, it sounds like you want to join two curves so that the tangent at the join is well defined, i.e. the same coming from either direction. Perhaps you could clarify