Arc point tangent

Hi, I am trying to make an parametric shape, that have all points tangents.

Meaning that if I change the parameters, shape will update with all tangents. For example if I set heightM and widthM parameter to same value it should draw perfect circle shape which is not case now:

I want also to be able to move red points along y axis, so only x axis should be calculated actually.

Any help is welcomed. :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

Hereby example of dimension needed.

Have you checked our curves class? Drawing Curves | Babylon.js Documentation (

Hey Carol, I made some examples using different types of curves but I am not getting the results I need.

Not gonna beat around the bush, its really hard to understand what you are asking for.

You need specifically the above shape that is in blue?

Its a bit complicated shape, thats why I sent one segment (blue draft).

I need to calculate dimension x marked as “?” on the drawing.

Maybe my idea is too naive but logging the content of the arc variable delivers a set of points. I suppose the last point shall be the point you are looking for to calculate the distance.

I already defined that point using arctrough3points, now I need to recalculate it to be tangent

Maybe this picture describes it more?