How to correctly calculate the curve parameters of arrows?

hey~all, I expect to have an arrow with a hand-drawn effect. But I don’t know how to correctly calculate the curve of the arrow. What I mean is how the arrow points along the direction of the curve.
pg: Babylon.js Playground

I think that’s a bit vague to understand what result you’re looking for. Can you give us an example?

Sorry I didn’t describe it clearly. I expected it to be like this:

I’m not sure it’s clearer :slight_smile:

If there’s a function curvature(listOfPoints) { ... return ?; }, what do you expect as the returned result from this function?

If it’s a direction (a vector), then I think you can calculate the tangent to the curve at the endpoint (by using the last few points of listOfPoints).

[EDIT] PG to illustrate using the tangent to find the direction:

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Maybe check out Freya Hólmer’s videos on curves, they’re a great resource:
The Beauty of Bézier Curves - YouTube
The Continuity of Splines - YouTube


Thanks for the inspiration, I feel like I’m getting closer