Contribution to rawtexture3D

the RawTexture3D class accepts data only in a buffer. In application, most 3D data have sizes >256*256*256 which can easily fill up the memory if loaded in arrayBuffers and crash the app front. I want to add a new data loading method where the user can upload his volume by uploading the file itself.

I have a little bit of experience with webgl2 and I have used babylon.js in several projects before. I’m eager to learn what it takes to help grow and improve this library. I’m just quite new. I also read this document and still quite lost :sweat_smile:

We’re always happy when the community wants to contribute to the project!

In this case, I think the easiest thing would be for you to create and run the code in a playground. Then we can help you create a PR and add it to the repo.

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