Convert a glb file to a QR

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I have a glb file that contains a 3d model I want to generate a qr code from the file so that a person can scan the qr and can see the 3d model in there mobile phones.

So is there any way to do it?

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Yes, most QR code are just an URL toward a specific website. You can create a website which handles you 3d visualisation and then create a QR code which links toward rhe website. Many tools exist, for example :


If you kniw your URLs you may do it online with qrcode.js

hey, Yes I am using a qr tool for the qr Free QR Code Generator: Create Everlasting Plain Text QRs this one but I wan to make a qr by which the user can scan and render the 3d model from the glb file in there phone directly…

Is there any way to generate url from glb file…

URL must point toward an existing website… You could either use your own website, or eventually use a playground to load GLB/GLTF file for example

You can as well redirect the QR code toward the Sandbox
From the sandbox there is a button to upload (and view) a GLB file :slight_smile:

ok but i dont want to direct a url towards any website I want that when the url is scanned the user can see the model in the ar through there mobile phone

Like this is an example of the website that does the same thing

One may use Sandbox for this purpose, as example in this link - Babylon.js Sandbox - View glTF, glb, obj and babylon files

So you don’t want the QR per se, but the target/marker for AR app, which doesn’t need to be QR? That’s completely different question from what you asked, if that’s correct.

No i want the qr when scanned the user can see the 3d model from the glb in ar in there phones

It can be the same website you are hositng the QR code on. In your example, the QR code does redirect toward an URL which is the same website, but a page dedicated to viewing the object.

Then you need to design a BabylonJS WebXR app on a page, in order to create this AR renderer for the Smartphone

ok got it will work on it …thankss…