GLB to usdz library

Is there a library which can convert a glb file to usdz on the fronted?

I believe @Pryme8 was working on a USDZExporter (and please correct me if I am wrong!)

ohk …So earlier was there a library that can do this ??

I am not sure what the state is, so I wouldn’t say it existed and now it doesn’t. There was work done on a USDZ exporter for babylon.js by a community member, and I hope he will be able to chime in soon and provide the current state (or maybe there is no current state).

ok actually I was searching for a library that can convert the glb file to usdz(for ios) to show the model on apple devices

It was being worked on for a little bit, but then we made code changes which ended up breaking it because it was for all purposes just a glorified string parsing setup, but somewhere along the lines the changes we made invalided the string structure for usdz.

It’s still sitting as a draft PR I think but I have no interest or intentions in picking it back up. It was a headache.

Might be able to ask chat gpt what’s wrong with it and get it fixed up though.


ohk ,yeah I know it’s a headache …I was searching for a library that can convert the glb to usdz on the frontend itself and came to know that there are none(as per the libraries that I have encountered) . So do you know is there a library really exist for this ???

As far as i know only for backend, not for frontend. WebAssembly could be a solution.
Atleast here is an issue for it: WASM support · Issue #27 · pablode/guc · GitHub

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ohk …I came across this library Interface: ArGenerationResult | Mimeeq Documentation
can you review this and can tell that is this library a solution?