Could Babylonjs Editor import models export from blender?

I’ve made a car & textured it, all in blender, then exported the well dressed car to a gltf format model file.
But in babylonjs editor, I found no where to import the car’s gltf model file!
Who could tell me, could babylonjs editor do importing gltf file ? It could only use its internal basic mesh types like box/cylinder/plane etc?

Adding @julien-moreau who is the editor daddy.

Hey sure !
You can simple drag’n’drop the gltf (and all other linked files) in the preview panel of the editor. This will add the model to the scene

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Wow, I wouldn’t know that secret if you don’t tell me.

You can read more documentation about the editor here: Babylon.js Documentation

Hey bro, could you take a look at this topic please: