Crash when calling body.getEventMask()

Trying to call body.getEventMask() in my project caused this:

Uncaught TypeError: Incorrect number of tuple elements for HP_BodyId: expected=1, actual=undefined
    at Object.toWireType (HavokPhysics_umd.js:9:13345)
    at Object.HP_Body_GetEventMask (eval at new_ (HavokPhysics_umd.js:9:22462), <anonymous>:7:26)
    at HavokPlugin.getEventMask (havokPlugin.ts:638:27)
    at PhysicsBody.getEventMask (physicsBody.ts:197:36)

Repro on playground:

Thank you so much for the report, a fix is here: Physics fix getEventMask by carolhmj · Pull Request #13913 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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