Create a Showroom with customize 3D furniture


I am new to 3D framework. My company is giving me a project to build a 3D show room on the web that will allow the customer to pick and several 3D furnitures and add the show room.

Our ultimate goal will allow our customers to change the sizes of the furniture in the room too.

I would appreciate you can point me some examples and where to start from. Thank you

Hi @JoeLearn3D and welcome to the forum. WOW what a project

Some similar Babylon.js projects

As always where you start depends on your knowledge, understanding and skill set in coding, Javascript and 3D.

2 Likes is another example.

Thanks.Wayfair Room Planner 3D is exactly what we like to do. The addition feature will is allowing us to drag the size of the furniture .

My past 5 years project mainly focus in, .net core and javascript. 3D consider new to me.

May I know is there any example with code that can give me a head start to understanding the coding to build something similar to Wayfair? Thanks

You could take a look at GitHub - furnishup/blueprint3d: Build interior spaces in 3D

It’s not using Babylon.js but it’s the type of application you’re wanting to build, the same concepts you could apply to a Babylon.js app, and it’s open source so you can see how it’s put together.

Thanks JohnK,

This is exactly what we are looking forward to build for our own 3D Furniture Configurator.

Any input and recommends are welcome.

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Hi JohnK

To start to build the room like it do in furniture-to-measure

Should we do like CornellBox loading glb mesh model or should we build the Room using the CreateGround and CreatePlane mesh function?


Since not all rooms are boxed shaped then I would suggest something more versatile than the Cornell box. Try some ideas out in the playground, don not get too complicated too soon.

Hi @JoeLearn3D,

This project ( was created by me :), as well as More info: Parametric cabinet - Demos and projects - Babylon.js

Maybe you could share your project (link).


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