Create ProceduralTexture from shader source string

I’m having some trouble with creating a ProceduralTexture from shader source code. Specifically,

new ProceduralTexture('texture', mapSize, fragment, scene, null, true, true);

How can I pass shader source into fragment?

Attempting to do so by passing the source results in BJS attempting to fetch ./src/Shaders/<shader source URL encoded>. (repro)

Attempting to use a blob/object URL or a data: URL results in the same behavior.

Looking through the library’s code, it looked like source: was prefixed to some shader source strings. Doing so, Babylon did not try to fetch it but instead attempted to load it. (repro)

Now, it was complaining about a return statement, so I added a newline after source:. (repro)

BJS then started complaining about float precision. I was #includeing my utils before declaring the float precision, so I fixed that. (repro)

I then got an error about texture overloads, redinfitions, etc. Looking at the error, it appears as though BJS has duplicated the shader code. (repro)

You can’t currently do it, but this PR will add this support:

Once it’s in, this PG will work: