CSG Inheritance VertexColor

It would be great if VertexColor were inherited during mesh generation, as it happens with UV coordinates. This feature can be quite important in some tasks. Thx!

Would you be willing to contribute this ?

I looked into it more and it is definitely a nice on for new contributors.

All in this file : Babylon.js/csg.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

So Let’s see if somebody from the community is willing to do a first contrib else I ll do it next week :slight_smile: or @PirateJC will do

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As there are no takers, it is all on @PirateJC !!! do not hesitate to ping me would you need any help.

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Here we go! This should do the ticket! Big thanks to @sebavan for signing me up and pointing me in the right direction!

Will be in with the next nightly