Cubemap unity shader


I am using Unity exporter package. I am well experienced in Unity and just getting started with Babylon. I request your help regarding an issue I have.

I am creating a sphere and adding a cubemap texture to it. This cubemap shader is in-built Unity shader. It shows properly in editor but in Build with Babylon, the sphere is not visible at all. I guess I have to use cubemap shader from Babylon? Is there a shader?


Adding our famous unity exporter master @MackeyK24 who will be able to assist you with it ?

First off… We only export scene content. We dont actually use or convert any unity shaders.

We do export material properties and re-create those materials (as best we can) on the babylon.js client side. I dunno why cubemap textures dont show up in that version (unless i never added support for a raw cubemap… i have to go look at the code)

Yes the raw cubemap shader from Unity has no support. Also it would be really cool if you could add support for URP shaders in Unity. Since people are trying to create shader graphs for WebGL content.

Hi we dont need shader graphs from unity. We use node material editor How To use the Node Material - Babylon.js Documentation
And you can use babylon skybox Use a Skybox - Babylon.js Documentation

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