Babylon.js in Unity

Recently I came across Babylon.js plugin for Unity as it contains amazing shaders for WebGL platform compared to the old Unity WebGL. I have two questions regarding the Babylon.js for Unity if anyone has used it:

A- Can we use Unity’s URP(Universal Render Pipeline) for Unity’s 3D models with Babylon.js plugin? Such that shader graphs can be created. If so, how? Since I tried to add URP to 3D models and it does not work with Babylon.js

B- How do I import Babylon.js shaders to Unity? They have tons of built-in shaders and I cannot figure out a way to import them. Can anyone share a step-by-step procedure for this?

I have a dilemma however, when I build the Unity project with Babylon.js by placing a simple cube in the scene, the whole project folder is 10mb. Is it suppose to be larger?

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Pinging @MackeyK24