Cubic Map vs Spherical Map

I know that usually Cubic is preferred over Spherical I assume that it could save some memory since you won’t be able to see all the faces of the cube at the same time but it really worths it? Is the performance gain high in low-end devices?

Thank you!

sometime calculating what i most show for performance kill more than what you think

There is no good answer but in average it is faster:)

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for this question that can be true

about the texture and Cube map it can make the the optimization but that depend the scale of your project if you have 1000 cubes map that is important if you just have 10-20 map and you dont have performance you most look the main problem and find that

let me explain with the other sample
if we don’t use the UV and normal attribute for cube and calculate that in gpu that make the performance too in each frame per sec but you almost need make more code for find the different and un tested situation that take your time more than you make general uv
but if you have scene created by Cubes that is wonderful way