Curtain Physics animation

Hello I’ve been trying to research and work on a project , to have a curtain with certain physics that when dragged to the right or left it should implement a real life curtain experience I was trying to add a plane and get its position vertices to add spheres and link them in order to use them as imposters , in that way maybe I can get that experience, it didn’t work yet I wanted to ask if there is a better idea ? And if not where to start maybe ?

I used this playground as a reference :

followed a little of its steps but it didn’t work on an imported Model, I hope you guys can help,

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Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! Can you show us a Playground with what you tried with your imported model? I can imagine it will need adjustments to account for being a custom mesh. We also have a Cloth soft body impostor, but it also uses the default ground mesh: Soft Bodies | Babylon.js Documentation (


Hello thank you , I added a simple plane done through 3ds max in this following playground link

this is what I’m testing on

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looks like it could use some dampening

You’ll need to keep in mind that the ground on the example PG and your ground mesh have a different number of vertices and faces:
This is the example Ground
And in your PG:

Hello sorry for the late response I was testing and trying different objects , so basically the physics and cloth soft body imposter doesn’t work if the mesh is imported ? it works only on certain objects created via Babylon, please correct me if I’m wrong

The Cloth Impostor is only for Ground Meshes (@Cedric correct me if I’m wrong), but the other physics impostors are applicable to any mesh, even imported ones.

The cloth impostor can be used by any mesh. I used it for tshirt in a prototype some months ago.
1 question tho, what do you want to curtain to do? if it’s only an animation for opening/closing, then maybe going full realtime is not the solution. And baking the animation would be simpler, better quality and would use way less CPU?

something else to evaluate:

I think this tailored solution will need a bit more work but it will use less memory and will be faster to initialize as it’s more specialized than the generic ammojs/physics version.

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Thank you for your reply Cedric, I will take baking an animation into consideration but I had in mind to make the interaction with the curtains to be like the cloth simulation effect too, I will try using the link u sent to make it happen and maybe I will get back if there is anymore questions

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