Physics effect on cloth


@Blender added cloth properties as part of physics properties, and exported the avatar as .glb file

I could not get cloth effect while animation.
@slin could u throw some light here…


Have you just run the simulation inside Blender or have you baked it?

Hi @vijay_krishna

Unfortunately, I am not a designer and I am not familiar with any design tools like blender.

I am pretty sure you will have to do something like here ( as @carolhmj mentioned ). Maybe with different simulations/animations for the cape like running vs idle and make sure to play them at the right time :slight_smile:

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@br-matt can we get wind simulation on cloth while walking using this web framework…


That’s a tall order :slight_smile: I would not know where to begin but anything is possible. Especially if you start converting C++ stuff to wasm

Maybe this can help you out:


@carolhmj i tried using physics imposters almost there…

am stuck can u help me

The reference PG is here

Do you know this cloth example made with a shader?

Babylon.js Playground (

@CodingCrusader tried by yur concept using .glb , same old issue is persisting…

Maybe i need yur guidance here…

Pinging @nasimiasl because he is the creator of this example and can bring light into the darkness.

PS: I downloaded the object from nasimiasl and looked at it in the sandbox. The figure does not have a dress on. I could not download your object to make a comparison.

Babylon.js - test.obj ( (220.8 KB)

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sharing the 3d avatar

Your character is already wearing clothes. Nasimiasl’s character’s clothes are created by the shader. I have changed some parameters here to illustrate this:

if(abs(pos.x)>5. || (pos.y)>155. || pos.y < 5.) discard;

cloth-sim | Babylon.js Playground (

Creating cloth from shader is time consuming and too complex.
In my case we have already clothes. Maybe if i can get the Mesh of outer dress and map it to shader would fix the issue.

var outerdress =scene.getMeshByName(“kurtha1.005”)

Now am unable to map it to the shader ?


my workfloe for make dress base on only nude body

define cut and calculate stopBody


  2. calculate new position after wind direction

  3. recalculate stop Body and elastic calculation

  4. ignore wind front direction

  1. all done just rotate wind


Thanks @nasimiasl for sharing the logic… i tried but cannot fit yur logic into my model(avatar outfits)

The only option left is physics imposters i dont know where am making mistake…


This is an other example how to create a cloth simulation without shaders

Soft Body Example | Babylon.js Playground (