Custom script in node material editor

will be possible in the future to add custom scripts / function in node material editor ?

I think you’re talking about custom blocks? Here’s the documentation for them, I have a few simple blocks that I could post too for more examples if that’s what you’re after. :slight_smile:


This is exactly what i need !!! Thanks sm!!

Right on, here’s some more custom blocks you can check out too for more examples. :slight_smile: :beers:


can we reference a sampler2d or create a block for it?

You can use the Texture block for that. :slight_smile:

hmm not exactly what i needed, noticed in some posts that creating a sampler2d block is not yet implemented, so i had to do a hacky way to reference the sampler2d i needed


ImageSourceBlock should be what you are after.

It can be connected to multiple Texture blocks by their source input.

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Yes that’s what i ended up using :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks sm!